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Paramount Commercial provides many real estate services that assist consumers in finding cost effective solutions to their real estate needs.  These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Tenant and buyer representation

  • Retail

  • Land and site development

  • Office

  • Industrial and warehouse

  • Listing services

  • Telecommunication consulting and representation

  • Market trends and data reporting


Market wide relationships, research, and community resources allow Paramount Commercial to find and create the perfect outcome for each client.

Currently serving the NC Market as Paramount Commercial, LLC (NC RE License #C25637) 

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(919) 247-3702



1441 E. Broad St. Suite 166

Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

News & Publications


N. Carolina's Resarch Triangle is Ready for its Startups to Go Big                                                         

via Red Herring

Last year, some would argue, Raleigh celebrated its 40th year as a bona fide tech hub. 1976 was the year when James ‘Jim’ Goodnight, left North Carolina State University to go it alone in software. Today his company, SAS Institute, is worth over $3 billion and employs 14,052 people worldwide.

“Until that point we had the global players like IBM 


Big Development Projects in Raleigh Will Take Place in 2017     

via News Observer (Paul A. Specht)                                                 

The city will continue to see lots of construction in 2017 as developers get started on some major projects and finish others.

Some projects promise to bring big changes, including the Union Station transit hub and The Dillon tower near downtown. Others are smaller – including new grocery stores – but carry plenty of excitement from some residents who want more shopping options.   Here’s a rundown:  Raleigh plans to finish construction on the Union Station 


Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing      

by Andrea L. Superak

The financial industry greats are the first to state that real estate property investing has the potential to bring in serious profits. They'll also gleefully inform you that the risks in some cases far outweigh the potential, especially if they are among the more cautious investors inside the industry. People that have made their fortunes in real estate however will let you know that buying 


Improvements and Damages to Commercial Rental Property

by Andrea L. Superak        


When renting commercial property, it's good to know what you are able to do and what you can't do with the property. Commercial property is usually office space or warehousing and storage. Renting commercial property such as an office or perhaps a storefront may require some remodeling if it will not meet your requirements, you can discuss this with the property owner, who usually agrees as long as 

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